Tree Services

Every homeowner should have a comprehensive tree service company, staffed by highly trained personnel, on speed dial.
At Woody’s Tree Service, our licensed, bonded, and insured tree and plant care specialists provide a range of emergency, planning, and
management services for your residential or commercial properties.


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Stump Grinding

Following tree removal by professional means, or by a storm, the remains could attract insects and organisms that can infect your lawn and…

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Storm Damage Prevention

Have us visit your property to determine if a storm could cause any property damage, given the ages, conditions, and locations of…

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Tree and Bush Pruning

Structural pruning can improve appearance, help trees and bushes grow into an ideal configuration, and mitigate the risks of broken limbs…

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Roof Clearance

Caring for trees requires clearance pruning, which removes growth that may infringe on roofs and windows. Putting this off can lead to damage…

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Dangerous Limb Removal

Limbs that are situated above a roof, window, or deck, or are poised to fall because of structural weakness or a storm…

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Storm Damage Removal

Following a storm, trees may be uprooted or severed, leaving heavy tree sections or branches on your property – including near power…

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Tree Trimming and Dead Limb Removal

We remove dead, damaged and diseased branches to help prevent insect & decay organisms from infesting and killing your…

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Tree Maintenance

Our complete tree maintenance services include deep root fertilization, crown reduction, pruning, thinning, dead wooding, removal, and stump grinding. At Woody’s Tree Service,…

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Tree Removal

Construction, safety, location, personal preference, and health determine whether a tree should be removed. Dying trees become increasingly weak and brittle, making them…

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